The Small Business Awards spotlight small businesses in South Africa that go the extra mile – for their customers and their community.

The awards aim to give chosen businesses on air and digital exposure to help them reach a wider audience and promote what and how they do it.



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In the bustling landscape of South Africa's economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) stand as the backbone, driving growth and fostering innovation. These dynamic entities, numbering in the tens of thousands, play a pivotal role, constituting 91% of formalised businesses and employing around 60% of the labour force, contributing significantly to the GDP. Particularly in rural areas where entrepreneurship thrives, SMEs provide an essential lifeline with 71% of local jobs relying on their entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite their monumental impact, SMEs often face hurdles in accessing crucial resources and knowledge. Recognising this challenge, MTN has embarked on a mission to empower SMEs, aligning with its vision to democratise connectivity across South Africa and the continent. Through innovative products and services, MTN has been a catalyst for SME growth, offering tailored solutions like Made for Skhokho, a prepaid business offer providing essential telecommunications services at accessible rates.

Introducing the MTN SME HUB—a groundbreaking initiative designed to be the ultimate resource centre for SMEs, providing a gateway to a wealth of tools, insights, and knowledge to fuel business growth. It's more than just a platform; it's a conduit to digital transformation, e-commerce strategies, cybersecurity measures, AI integration, sustainable practices, financial management, and beyond.

"We envision MTN SME HUB as the premier online destination for entrepreneurs seeking empowerment and business enablement" shares Songezo Masiso, GM of SME and Indirect Channels at MTN Business.

Accessible via www.mtnsmehub.co.za, the platform invites SME owners to subscribe and embark on a journey of discovery and growth. With a comprehensive range of resources segmented into four key categories—Connect my Business, Build my Business, Manage my Business, and Feature my Business—MTN SME HUB caters to every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

Collaborating with esteemed content providers and industry experts, such as The Sales Enablement Company, MTN SME HUB offers invaluable tools like the 'SME Sales Playbook' empowering businesses to identify and maximise sales opportunities. And this is just the beginning; additional services slated for 2024 promise to further enrich the SME experience.

For SMEs poised to thrive in today's competitive landscape, the MTN SME HUB is more than a platform—it's a partner in success, providing the resources and support needed to turn aspirations into achievements. Visit the MTN SME HUB today and unlock the full potential of your business.